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Table 1

On-Site Medical Supplies

The team physician should have a game-day sideline “medical bag” and sideline medical supplies. The following
is a list of “medical bag” items and medical supplies for contact/collision and high-risk sports.

Highly Desirable On-Site Medical Bag Cardiopulmonary Head & Neck/Neurologic

General Airway Dental kit (e.g. cyanoacrylate,
Blood pressure cuff Hank’s solution)
Alcohol swabs and povidone Cricothyrotomy kit Eye kit (e.g. blue light, fluorescein
iodine swabs Epinephrine 1:1000 in stain strips, eye patch pads,
Bandage scissors a pre-packaged unit cotton tip applicators, ocular
Bandages — sterile/non-sterile, Mouth-to-mouth mask anesthetic and antibiotics,
band-aids Short-acting beta agonist contact remover, mirror)
D-50%-W (high glucose inhaler Flashlight
in water solution) Stethoscope Pin or other sharp object
Disinfectant for sensory testing
Gloves — sterile/non-sterile Reflex hammer
Large bore angiocath for tension Phillips head screw driver
pneumothorax (14–16 gauge) (power optional)
Local anesthetic, syringes, Flat head screw driver
needles (power optional)
Paper and pen
Sharps box and red bag
Suture set/steri-strips
Wound irrigation materials
(e.g. sterile normal saline,
10–50 cc syringe)

Benzoin Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Blister care materials (ACLS) drugs and equipment
Contact lens case and solution I.V. fluids and administration set
30% Ferric subsulfate solution Tourniquet
(e.g. Monsel’s — for cauterizing
Desirable abrasions and cuts)
Injury and illness care instruction
sheets for the patient
List of emergency phone numbers
Nail clippers
Nasal packing materials
Paper bags (for treatment
of hyperventilation)
Prescription pad
Razor and shaving cream
Rectal thermometer
Skin lubricant
Skin staple applicator
Small mirror
Supplemental oral and
parenteral medications
Tongue depressors
Topical antibiotics

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