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states, without a state medical license or hospital in that state or location. controlled or DEA scheduled
from that state can be punishable via Solutions include going state substances. It is important to note
the state medical board. Additionally, the team physician should have
practicing outside your normal by state with each state’s legislative individual written, documented,
medical location may put you at risk bodies for this correction and and logged prescriptions for these
from a medical liability perspective. additional legislation to allow situations rather than a bottle of pills
Some insurers will not provide liability treatment of athletes, athletic staff, doled out one-by-one to several
coverage, should that arise, if you are and official team contingents different patients.
out of the state or out of the country (we can’t leave out the mascots and
with your team or the team contingent. cheerleaders after all). This should During international care and
include amnesty for standard of coverage, especially those events
For the best interest of the patient care practice of medicine, writing related to Olympic sports, each
athlete and traveling staff and family, prescriptions, and making referrals. national governing body has a
it is necessary for the team physician There seems to be little resistance to repository of experience and
to be able to medically treat the team, this movement from state government guidance for the team physician.
staff, and family during the travel as there is little controversy. However,
time and athletic event. The physician the addition of legislation to encourage
should have a valid medical license in insurance carriers to provide coverage
the state of origin of the team. If the outside of normal practice locations
team physician feels the treatment may provoke a vigorous response
cannot be reasonably treated at the from the insurance lobby.
athletic event venue, training room,
or hotel of accommodation, then Additionally we need a national
the team physician has the option of legislative fix to allow the team
transferring care to a local physician physician, when on an official team
trip, to travel across state lines with

For more guidelines for the team physician visit Publications/Other_Professional_Resources/Consensus_Statements/.


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